Atmosphere Southsiders Album Review

atmosphere southsiders album reviewThe title of the Atmosphere: Southsiders is inspired by Slug and Ant intention to represent the south side of Minneapolis. Slug and Ant have lived and worked in the south side of Minneapolis. Typical or rap artists, representing your area is a way of giving back to the neighbourhood that supported you. In this case, Southsiders defines the rappers.

The artists began their career as a trio in 1989 before it remained a duo. Judging by their duration in their rap careers, the duo love the music and do it for the fun of it. The rappers have matured in their trade and have grown finer like wine with time. Their album Southsiders is a big contrast from The family Sign in all aspects.

The album 

This album is the seventh studio album of the duo. Since its release in May 6th 2014, the album has received a number of reviews most of the being favorable reviews. While The family Sign was all about family with the cover picture being Daley’s (Slug) newborn second child, Southsiders from its title is about the artists and their stories.

Southsiders takes a different angle to the story. The first track titles “Camera Thief” is about the musician. It tells a story where Slug is in the kitchen with is children. The story can be connected to “ Angelface” from his earlier album You Can’t Imagine How Much Fun We’re Having. The self-loathing and relish is still dominant in the album. His rendition of his life is deep unlike typical rappers. He does not focus on the surface material issues.

The other tracks in the album are “ Arthur’s Song,” “Bitter,” “Fortunate,” and “My Lady Got Two Men.” If you assess the titles of the track, you will realize that it is more about the lives of the artists. It is the story of a person communicating his life to the world. Only in this case, you get a chance to have the story in rhyme and style.

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50 Cent Animal Ambition Album Review

animal-ambition-album-reviewWhen someone talks about hip hop, who is the first artist that will come into your mind? A lot of them will pop out, but, there is this one artist who caught the media attention; 50 cent. Some 5 years back, there was this one commercial flop, Before I Self Destruct, which got a very low sale rate of about 150,000 copies. This attracted a very controversial media attention. Some media houses saying that 50 cents had a gradual; decline in his popularity.

In December, 2013, 50 cents announced he is going to release an album titled “Animal Ambition” while doing a press run. This was the same time he was launching his SMS Audio line of speakers and earphones. He also hinted about his plans to release an album the same month on an interview with DJ Whoo Kid. He said that he was going to drop the album the following month (January). He put it as “The album is as full body of work. Its won’t be categorized as a mixtape” When asked what his motives were to release the album early in the year, he said that he was very anxious to see how the album will be received by his fans and the general hip hop world.

The album tracks were released at different intervals. The first was released on February 21, 2014. This was a music video release for a track titles “The Funeral”. 26 days later on 18th March, 2014, the song “Don’t Worry Bout It” featuring Yo Gotti was released via a digital distribution together with another track, “Hold On” as the first and second singles from his Animal Ambition album. The same day, the music videos for both songs were released. A week later, on 25th March, 2014, 50 cent decided to release his third single “Pilot” then on the same day he release its music video.

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