Future Honest Album Review

Future Honest Album ReviewWhen his first album Pluto hit the streets, many reviewers knew that there was a future in Future’s music career. His debut album defined him and his second album Honest echoes his first album. The raw and emotive voice that goes through the songs brings out the typical and original intentions of rap. In his debut album like any other new artists, few prominent musicians were featured. However, in Honest, expect to listen to a blend of musicians that define the contemporary music scene and varied sounds.

The album title of Futures Honest is a rap album that features notable names in the rap industry and contains varied musical sounds. From the name, you expect real and sincere stories about persons who has something to say. It is about Future. Future is a renowned rapper who has one album to his name.

The album 

From the cover of the album you known that this is an album that tells a deep story about the person. The album cover is adorned by the eyes of a person in a red background that fades fast to black as it approaches the peripheries. The label, parental advisory explicit content is appropriately clearly marked because the album contains within itself deep emotions conveyed with explicit words. However, there is a mix of other songs that are not typical of the musician.

Future brings his artistic flair in art into a whole new level in the album. He is more confident and has a lot to say about himself. The difference in this album is the way the stories are told. Old stories about dope are translated into a new thing with titles like “Move that Dope” that give the trade a completely new meaning. The slippery yelp Future’s voice ricochets giddily to put emotions in every word that is heard in the album. The poetry and imagery is accentuated with the artist’s voice.

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Mobb Deep The Infamous Mobb Deep Album Review

Mobb Deep The Infamous Mobb Deep Album ReviewThe infamous Mobb Deep have been doing rap for more than twenty years. Their new album that was released on April 1, 2014 attracted attention from both seasoned hip-hoppers and novices. With gangster hip-hop with ill lyrics slowly declining as most rappers recycle phrases, news of Mobb Deep return created an anxiety propelled with the need to know how the album will sound.

This is a group that during their heyday went against Tupac. It does not come as a surprise that Mobb Deep have taken the bold move to bring their music to the fore through the album The Infamous Mobb Deep. The album has received significant support from the music fraternity as musicians such as Snoop Dogg, The LOX, Juicy J, Bun B, Busta Rhymes, Nas, and French Montana have featured.

The album 

The Infamous Mobb Deep is a double album that consists of new original music and unreleased recordings that were made in 2005. Havoc and Illmid are the main producers of the tracks that are in the album. Other producers that have worked with the team include Beat Butcha, The Alchemist, and Kaytranada among others.

The album will bring together old titles with new titles bridging new hip-hop. However, the taste will remain that of gangster rap. These rappers buy Rap beats from producers they work with in the studio.  None of the songs in the album including the original songs fails to meet the typical these of Mobb Deep. The songs bring out the best in lyricism and dynamic beats. However, expect some new sounds especially in the song “All A dream” featuring Lox. Michael Uzowuru and Om’Mas Keith deviate from the signature calmed beats of the early gangster music to put hype in the songs.

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Asher Roth RetroHash Album Review

Asher Roth RetroHash Album ReviewYou might have heard of Asher Roth. He is the rapper behind the song I love college. Asher Roth has made a comeback, this time with a complete album. It is not just an album, but also one that has been created after five years of artistic and spiritual growth. The album titled RetroHash comes as a follow up to 2009’s Asleep in the Bread Aisle.

Following his hit single, I love college Amber Roth featured in other songs such as “ Pot of Gold,” “Dude”, “ Tangerine girl,” and “Fast Life” despite his absence, you will notice that Amber Roth is among the few best lyricists that come with a smooth flow in the hip-hop scene. His album RetroHash is characterized by his flow and lyrics. We decided to check out the album and here is our Asher Roth RetroHash Album Review

The album

RetroHash comes from a different cloth from Roth’s previous works. Roth has been putting his talent on poor production. His earlier album and his mix tape Greenhouse Effect Vol. 2 did not get the quality production that they needed despite the impressive lyrical skill and flow. RetroHash comes in a new package. You get ten songs that are pure mastery with sleek vibes.

The work done by Blended Babies in creating the right instrumentals gives the album its awesomeness. The replacement of the ordinary hip-hop beats created out of chords, rhythms and drum pattern with crafted instrumentals makes the album different from other hip-hop albums. If you listen to the track “Something for Nothing” you will realize where the difference lays.

The music like other real hip-hop content is about dropping some wisdom to the audience. You may contradict this by looking at the title “Keep Smoking” of one of the songs, but that is an exception in the album. What makes the album completely different from other lyrical is the art and mastery exhibited in the track “Be Right.” You will notice twisty, multisyllabic rhymes that do not come from anywhere other than genius rap.

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Iggy Azalea The New Classic Album Review

Iggy Azalea The New Classic Album ReviewA rapping lady Australian would definitely attract all the attention that its peculiar sound brings. That is Iggy Azalea for you. Azalea swaggered into the music in 2011 following mentorship by renowned rapper T.I. the release of her debut album The New Classic has raffled the feathers of many today.

Azalea has been in the music scenes with strong singles that have received a reasonable amount of airplay. However, an album from Azalea would definitely be a heard turner as both critics and fans anticipates seeing her go the cycle of the beginning of a music career. The New classic is a strong name for an album. Iggy pulls a courageous step in introducing her debut collections as The New Classic. So lets get in to Iggy Azalea The New Classic Album Review.

The album 

Don’t expect a stint of Australian in the album. Though she was born in Australia, Iggy has transformed to adopt a full Atlanta accent and language. With songs such as “ Fancy” in her LP, you expect a fully matured rap album from a white rapper with all odds on paper against her.

The New Classic anticipates a lot of attention from the United Kingdom with most is the tracks featuring in the top 40 list. However, this will not be because of her white descent but because her album is expected to resonate with every theme and vocal notations that a rap music that makes it big in UK has. Azalea previous tracks have made it big in the United Kingdom. The album will also feature strong Atlanta beats with a notable T.I influence especially being that she was mentored by T.I.

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